aiMonkey was born in 2018, with an explosion of ideas and startup ventures, we quickly found strategic alliances, we have captured and continue to capture talent from the global technology market.

Developing software solutions for our clients we managed to stabilize our operations, delivering the expected product and service. Today we are in 6 countries where we have great heads of passionate and experts, That allow us today to present and guarantee you our range of services.

Why CHoose us

We develop your
customized mobile application

Our teams make your development process more reliable by ensuring immediate responsiveness to market changes through iterative development in agile mode, leaving room for continuous improvement.

We reduce time
to market

With a development optimization process and a focus on essential functionalities, we offer you a service adapted to startups looking for innovation and responsive to business needs. Our team accompanies you in the realization of your products by reducing the time to market of your application. 

Artificial Intelligence =
Efficiency for your company

We support you in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence by diagnosing the strategic use of AI and data in your company. Aiming at developing customer and market insights to reach your target by integrating prospecting algorithms in your market.

Optimize your
production costs

By optimizing resources and processes, we reduce production costs by helping you achieve greater scalability of your product while selecting priority development actions.